Jonas and Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie TurnerReuters

After the stunning Kit Harington and Rose Leslie wedding which took place last weekend, Game of Thrones fans have to wait until another GoT wedding takes place, Joe Jonas revealed.

The American singer, who is dating Sophie Turner for two years now, has been engaged to the Game of Thrones star for a while now. However, the 28-year-old recently confessed that wedding is the last thing on their mind right now.

The DNCE singer told London Evening Standard that they were no hurry to tie the knot. "We've been trying to take some time off while running around Europe," he said when asked if the couple were in a hurry to get married.

"It's been really exciting to play shows here in the summer, when people are out and about and the energy is top-notch. So right now, as far as down-time for us, we're just being tourists," he added.

Jonas landed in Europe after finishing he wrapped up his role as a coach on The Voice Australia, and will perform in his band DNCE and support Bruno Mars in Hyde Park on July 14. Turner reached Barcelona to be by his side.

"It's about the space in a relationship and not having to label it. You're suggesting that it could be casual in a cheeky way. It's about waking up with someone with a hangover and just flicking on the TV," he further explained.

The star couple is very much in love, a snapshot of which we saw when Turner video-called Jonas when she arrived at Kit's wedding venue over the weekend. The HBO show star took her GoT co-star Maisie Williams as her date to the ceremony. Unlike traditional wedding guests, Turner channelled a red wedding vibe at the wedding as she sported a short red ensemble for the ceremony.

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