Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaury in Oh Baby
Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaury in Oh BabyTwitter

Naga Chaitanya and Adivi Sesh, who have already watched Oh Baby, could not stop going gaga over director Nandini Reddy, Samantha Akkineni, Rajendra Prasad and other members of the film unit.

Naga Chaitanya could not attend the pre-release event of Oh Baby, but he sent his wishes to the team through a video message in which he shared his review of the film. He said, "I watched the film and I felt very connected with it. I am sure the audience is going to feel happy after watching the film. Go watch it with family, it is a treat for them."

Naga Chaitanya is very much impressed with his wife Samantha Akkineni's role and performance. He is proud of her acting. The actor said, "I am so happy and proud that you are part of this film. You make me proud with all the films you pick and I think Oh Baby stands at number one for me right now."

Talking about the director Nandini Reddy, Naga Chaitanya added, "I love how you have presented Samantha in the film. She has this cute and energetic side to her that I see at home and I love and you have shown the same onscreen. You have done a great job. So happy that you made this film. More than success, it is a film to be proud of. Oh Baby, July 5th, do not miss."

Adivi Sesh, who has played an important role in Oh Baby, is another celebrity, who got to watch the movie almost a week before its release. Soon after watching it, the young actor took to his Twitter account to share his review of the movie. He heaped praises upon all the artists and technicians, besides calling the film a sweet fantasy tale.

Adivi Sesh tweeted on June 30, "Saw #OhBaby ! A sweet fantasy tale that is heartfelt! @nandureddy4u makes sure every emotion is pitch perfect! @Samanthaprabhu2 is brilliant breezy & gorgeous. #Lakshmi garu is the soul and my oh my @Chinmayi  @IamNagashaurya & #RaoRamesh garu are dignified & gracious."

Adivi Sesh added, "#RajendraPrasad garu #Pragati #Teja & the cast were so good  Everything is just right in this delightful concoction. Kudos to the producers for backing this :) So happy for you @nandureddy4u Youre the platform :) #TFI Is telling great stories #OhBabyOnJuly5 @SureshProdns."

Samantha Akkineni, who was thrilled over Adivi Sesh's appreciations, retweeted his review of Oh Baby and wrote, "Means so much praying now that everyone else feels the same  so much love to you."