As of midnight January 1, 2021, The Office TV series officially leaves Netflix for its new exclusive streaming on NBC Universal's Peacock. After the news surfaced that The Office will officially leave Netflix, fans on Twitter started to talk about the memorable moments from the show.

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Here are a couple of lesser-known facts about The Office that you might not have head before:

1. B.J. Novak was the first person to get the role: As many of us know that B.J. Novak is a terrific actor and his previous gig at Saturday Night Live impressed the show's producer Greg Daniels, giving him the opportunity to become the first permanent actor on the show.

2. Seth Rogen was almost on-board: Yes, you read that right. The legendary comedy actor-writer Seth Rogen was in the running to play Rainn Wilson' Dwight Schrute. Not only Seth, but other actors like Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk was originally cast as Michael Scott but was later replaced by Steve Carell.

3. John Krasinski's method acting: To get the role right, John Krasinski interviewed several paper company employees just to get under his character's skin. His research even made it to the show's opening credit sequence where we see his trip through the city.

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4. Improvisation was the key: The Office has been applauded for its dialogues and immediate comic timing. What very few people know that show's creator Greg Daniels wanted everyone to improvise, so they can give the feel of originality.

5. Inspiration from the British counterpart: Well, Greg Daniels' The Office is officially an adaptation of the 2001-2003 BBC series of the same name. To get close to the story, the writers chose to make the pilot episode pretty similar to the British counterpart. However, when viewers questioned the decision, Daniels and the other writers swiftly moved to tell a different story from season two.

6. The legendary theme song: We won't deny that FRIENDS TV show's theme song is one of the fan-favorite theme songs of all time. But The Office theme song has an audience of its own. What you might not know is that when it came to selecting the opening theme music of the show, series creator Greg Daniels gave the cast four versions of the songs and asked them to vote and finalize.

7. Real systems on the set: Unlike other sitcoms, where we see only fake props being used by the actors, The Office used original machines and systems. For instance, they even had an internet connection active on their computer system that gave the actors a sense that they are actually in a real-world office.

8. You can buy Dunder Mifflin paper: Yes, in 2011 the company announced that they would start selling Dunder Mifflin paper.

" a race to the bottom as paper usage is going down. We're looking for different pop culture phenomena and external brands that we can tie to these mundane product categories to differentiate. That's really how initially pairing copy paper and Dunder Mifflin came about," Quill's director of innovation said in a statement at that time.

9. Steve Carell's improvised kiss: Okay, we won't deny that when Steve Carell kissed Oscar Nunez in season three episode "Gay Witch Hunt," we all had laughter like never before. The kiss, however, was not originally planned as the actors were only supposed to hug, but Steve kept hugging Oscar, and one moment led to another and Steve planted that legendary kiss.

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10. James Spader's cameo: James Spader played the role of Robert California in The Office. In the beginning, James was only supposed to make a cameo and leave. However, due to James' performance during the rehearsals, he impressed several and went on to fetch a prominent role.

The Office on Peacock:

As of the new year 2021, all the 201 episodes spanning nine seasons will move from Netflix to Peacock. As per several reports, The Office TV show will stream on Peackcok instead of Netflix, along with never-before-seen footage and previously deleted scenes. The Office on Peacock will have new content and other extras that include clip playlists, an always-on ambient noise channel, and other special features.

As of today, only the first six episodes of the first season will get streamed on Peacock. To watch the remaining episodes, the viewer will have to subscribe to the Peacock Premium plan that will cost them $4.99 per month with commercials.