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Barack Obama in DelhiReuters

US President Barack Obama had reportedly considered quoting Salman Khan's famous dialogue "Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di..." from his super-hit Bollywood movie "Wanted".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had won a million hearts with his powerful speech with some punchlines thrown in, at the Madison Square Garden in US. With Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman by his side, Modi had mouthed the epic line "May the force be with you".

Apparently, Barack Obama, who is one of the world's best orators, wanted to outdo Modi. His team had tough time finding punchlines from Bollywood films.

Obama's team reportedly did a lot of web research to find good Hindi punch dialogues. They were considering: "Barack Obama, naam to suna hi hoga" and "Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di to main Pakistan ki bhi nahin sunta". Finally, Obama ended up using "Senorita, bade-bade deshon mein" in his speech.

"Barack Obama, his speech writers and spin doctors have had some tough decisions to make these past few days. They watched films upon films from Bollywood and brainstormed whether 'Barack Obama, naam to suna hi hoga' sounded better than 'Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di to main Pakistan ki bhi nahin sunta'," reports Hindustan Times.

"They spent sleepless nights, googled the best punchlines in Hindi cinema and, unsatisfied with the answers, googled them again. They had a tough call to make after all. Narendra Modi threw the gauntlet at POTUS when at Madison Square Garden, with Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman by his side; he said the most epic line of them all, 'May the force be with you'," reports the leading English daily.

Barack Obama charmed the crowd at the town hall event in Siri Fort on the final day of his visit to India by quoting Shah Rukh Khan's famous line. He seemed to have rehearsed a lot before he delivered the line "Senorita, bade-bade deshon mein" during his speech in Delhi on Tuesday.

"I recognised India with the first state visit of my presidency -- where we also danced to some pretty good Bhangra," Obama said. "On our last celebration here, we celebrated the Festival of Lights in Mumbai. We danced with some children. Unfortunately, we were not able to schedule any dancing this visit. Senorita, bade-bade deshon mein. You know what I mean," he added.