The OA Tv show
A still from the first episode of Netflix's The OANetflix Screenshot

With merely few days left for the New Year, the world of entertainment was shaken by the drop of Netflix's new show, The OA. Revolving around the idea of near death experience, The OA tells the story of a blind girl who goes missing for seven years. She returns with her vision mysteriously back, however, she chooses to tell her story to just five people.

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The mind-boggling show has got many hooked to it in merely two months. And people are having a lot of questions following the end of the first season. The creators are revealing answers to a few questions, but are quiet on many other doubts and theories.

Recently, the creators were asked about the inspiration behind the show. Brit Marling, the actress and co-creator of the show revealed to Vulture that a stranger in the crowded room paved way for The OA. "In a crowded room, I noticed a stranger standing still, unperturbed by the surrounding social chaos: She had a kind of radical autonomy and awareness. The woman told her that she had died once, on a gurney in a hospital, awaiting surgery, and that she had left her body and floated above, with a bird's-eye POV of the hospital rooms and corridors. She said she felt interconnectivity," recalls Marling. "The only thing she thought about was, 'Did I tell the people I love, how much I love them?'" she adds.

This story, though creepy, helped Marling and her director Zal Batmanglij to come around the show and give a super-hit series at the end of 2016. Marling finally opens up about the season 2 sharing that though it has not been officially renewed by Netflix (or have they?), the Marling and Batmanglij have already planned the episodes out. However, she maintained her silence on the premiere date and plot details.

There could be chances that the show has been renewed, but no announcements will be made until a few days before the release (since that is how they launched the first season). Talking about working with Netflix, she shares that Netflix was most in tune with their innovations. "They were excited about the frontier of storytelling, like how can the form change now that we've been unfettered from marketing? What does internet-streaming storytelling mean?"

Their excitement and planning did pay off. The show has been one of the most talked about shows off-late. All the episodes are available on online on Netflix.