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It has been weeks since the show premiered on Netflix, but the show has not stopped creating buzz. With increasing viewership, more questions are being asked of the creators.

In different interviews and media interactions, The OA creators have attempted to help viewers understand the meaning behind different aspects of the show, without revealing anything prominent about the second season.

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In an interview recently, the Brit Marling shared that the symbols were drawn through the process of the choreography of the movement. "One of the things we were researching is movement notation. I didn't know that choreographers use a symbolic pictogram to write movement much in the way a composer would write music. It's the same for dance and movement. Ryan (Heffington, the choreographer of the movements in the show) actually created those based on the choreography he made up," Marling reveals to Rotten Tomatoes.

While the real life connection between the symbols and movements has been explained, could there be a relationship between the two in the show? Do the symbols appear after performing the movements? Could we see the others with involved in the movement have the symbols in the second season? Marling chose to let viewers interpret the symbols as she refused to delve into further details.

However, she did discuss about Khatun's character sharing that Khatun is not someone you would want to cross the wrong way. The actress was asked if Khatun was in charge of the afterlife or was there someone above her, she replied, "We know that she (Khatun) is somebody who The OA visits in her near-death experiences and who seems to be a kind of gatekeeper or guardian of that place. She is someone who possesses a kind of wily quality and wisdom. I think what I like the most about Khatun is that you don't quite know, yet there's something sharp and honest about her."

The creators are keeping the lips locked and not revealing any further details that will be seen carrying forward to the next season. While there is no confirmation about the second season, fans eagerly wait for the story to continue.