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It has been over a month since the Netflix series, The OA, hit the streaming platform and there has been lot of speculation and a lot has been said about the series.

The ones who have watched the show have a number of questions that the makers are trying to answer. While a few of them, like the one about the dance and Khatun have been clarified, the creators have chosen to keep quiet about many fan doubts.

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One of the questions that viewers have been wanting to ask the creators from the very first episode was that why should participants leave their doors open to invite her in when they meet in the house in the forest? Reddit users have been contemplating that it could mean different things. One Reddit user, TrishaWeirdo, feels, "I think there's a connection with the door and how the sheriff was able to walk right in to Haps house which was always on lock down."

Another user, Malichi188, shares, "I think it relates to having an open mind. Letting in things you might not normally." Revealing the actual meaning, Brit Marling sat down for an interview with The Atlantic to explain why the door HAS to be left open.

"By leaving their doors open, the group were making a bold, physical gesture," the co-creator shares. "It's one of those things that is like a feeling rather than a thought. But the feeling is that she's asking this group of boys to be receptive and to be listeners — like Hap's also a listener. In order to do that, they have to make some physical gesture," she shares.

She explains, "What's crazy is that when they do that, it feels so bold. They're just leaving the door open — it's not that big of a deal. Especially in America we think of our houses as little fortresses and our lives as little fortresses: Don't let anybody in. So there's something very provocative about leaving a door open as an invitation."

Among a number of speculations, everyone wants to know what happened to Hap and where is Homer now, apart from know what happened at the cafeteria that day following the dance. Marling and her director Zal Batmanglij are hoping to share the tale, provided Netflix renews them for the second season.