Nandamuri Harikrishna's death has shocked Nagarjuna.
Nagarjuna mentions that he was to meet Harikrishna soon. He seems to be shocked after Harikrishna's untimely death.

Harikrishna Nandamuri, the fourth son of actor, director, producer, founder of Telugu Desam Party and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N.T. Rama Rao passed away this morning after a tragic accident on NH65 in Telangana.

Harikrishna is the father of Junior NTR who is in the top position in the Telugu movie industry right now. Kalyan Ram the elder son of Harikrishna is also an actor.

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Though Harikrishna has acted in a lesser number of movies, he had been connected to the industry in many ways. Harikrishna had appeared in full-length roles in the movies like Sitharamaraju (1999), Laahiri Laahiri Laahirilo (2002), and Seethayya (2003).

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Harikrishna is one of the main leads of the multi-starrer movie Sitharamaraju, starring alongside Akkineni Nagarjuna. Harikrishna and Nagarjuna had shared a special, brotherly bond in the movie as well as in the real life.

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Ever since the movie Sitharamaraju, Nagarjuna had maintained a fraternal relationship with Harikrishna. There were many instances where both the actors had praised each other. Nagarjuna never missed any chance to talk about the special rapport he shares with Harikrishna. Both of them are the progeny of erstwhile top two telugu actors -- ANR (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) and NTR, respectively.

The sudden tragic death of Harikrishna has disturbed Nagarjuna, who is about to celebrate his birthday today, while Harikrishna had, ironically, told his fans never to celebrate his birthday falling on September 2, due to Kerala floods. The sudden turn of events left both families grief-stricken. 

As soon as Nagarjuna got the knowledge of Harikrishna's fatal accident, he took to his Twitter to express his sadness over the death of Harikrishna, whom he considers his big brother.

Nagarjuna is grief-stricken after Harikrishna was killed in a road accident.

The movie Sitharamaraju gets concluded with the death of Harikrishna, who has acted as the elder brother of Nagarjuna in the movie. The hospital scene from Sitaramaraju is a heart-touching one, as Nagarjuna is seen weeping over the death of his brother Harikrishna. The fans who are shocked with the death of Harikrishna opine that the same scene has happened in the real life too.

It is an open secret that Nagarjuna has some differences with Nandamuri Harikrishna's younger brother Nandamuri Balakrishna. Despite the fact that Nagarjuna has a cold war with Balakrishna, he shares a close bond with Harikrishna. There were talks that Harikrishna also tried to sort the issues between his brother Balakrishna and Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna seems to have been shocked and depressed after the death of his brotherly person's death today. He remembers that Harikrishna had mentioned a few weeks earlier that he wanted to meet him. "It's been a long time brother. We shall meet this time", is what Harikrishna told to Nagarjuna weeks before the tragic accident killed him.

The whole Telugu industry is shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely death of Nandamuri Harikrishna. RIP.