Yuvraj SIngh Farokh Engineer

The drama witnessed last week, involving Farokh Engineer and Anushka Sharma, has taken a new turn. Initially, the focus was fully on the quip by the former India cricketer that the national selectors were "serving tea to Anushka Sharma."

But, as Engineer himself clarified later, that quote was simply a humourous jibe and not the gist of his argument. What the former wicketkeeper-batsman was talking about mainly is the make-up of the selection committee that picks Indian sides.

Now, support for Engineer's stand has come from another quarter. Recently-retired all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has agreed with the assertion of the former Indian wicketkeeper.

Speaking to the media in Mumbai, Yuvi stated: "We do need better selectors, for sure. Selectors' job is not easy. Whenever they select 15 players, there will be talk that what will happen to the other 15. It's a difficult job but their thinking in terms of modern-day cricket is not up to the mark. It's my opinion."

MSK Prasad
MSK Prasad is the chief selector

The current Indian selection committee is headed by MSK Prasad, himself a former wicketkeeper-batsman who played very few Tests for India around the time of the turn of the century. The other four selectors in the panel are Devang Gandhi, Jatin Paranjape, Gagan Khoda and Sarandeep Singh.

The fact that none of these players were consistent performers at the top level and played minimal international cricket led to Engineer describing them as a 'Mickey Mouse panel.' Yuvraj seemed to concur with this opinion. He also criticised the committee for the way it has treated certain players.

"I am always in favour of protecting the players and being positive about them. By talking negative about your players and team doesn't show you in a true light. Character only shows when things are going wrong and you motivate the players. In bad times, everyone talks bad. We definitely need better selectors," the star of India's 2011 World Cup victory added.

The major selection issue that cropped up before the World Cup earlier this year, regarding Vijay Shankar getting the nod for the squad ahead of Rishabh Pant, was brought up again and Yuvraj gave a very cautious reply.

"In between, there was your Vijay Shankar, now he has vanished. You play him and then remove him. How can you make players this way? You cannot produce players by giving them just three or four innings, you have to give somebody a longer run," Yuvi said in the interaction.