Brazilian tennis player Bruno Soares has questioned tennis stars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's decision to go against Novak Djokovic over a key decision.

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) decided not to renew the present deal of Executive Chairman and President Chris Kermode. The present deal is until the end of this calendar year. Novak Djokovic is the president of the Players Council. The Serbian wanted Chris Kermode gone because he wanted a new leadership for the sport.

Rafael Nadal lashed out at Novak Djokovic for not hearing voices of other tennis players before voting last Thursday. Tennis legend Roger Federer said he is concerned over long term future of tennis after the ATP decided not to renew Chris Kermode's contract. Bruno Soares says the dialogue between Nadal-Federer has not failed with Novak Djokovic.

"No, I do not think dialogue has failed. I at least talked to the vast majority of the people I represent. I think each of the Council has played its part. Obviously it is difficult to talk to everyone, but what happens is that the subjects are always exposed, everyone is aware," Bruno Soares told Brazilian outlet Globoseporte.

"If anyone has any doubts, it is up to the person to look for his representative in the Council, to ask, to ask questions and to suggest things. So we can not always find everyone. Me and Jamie (Murray) represent from 1st to 100th in doubles. Imagine running after 100 (tennis players) ... we communicate a lot by email, but a lot of things are up to people who have an interest in looking for us," he added.

Novak Djokovic
File photo of Novak Djokovic.Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Bruno Soares was asked as question as to what is the biggest interest of the players in the Kermode exit?

"Actually, it's not that there's interest. What happened was that at the moment ... what is the role of the Council? Maybe you better start there. We do not have the decision paper. We vote on the issues and give an indication, a direction for the three who represent us on the Board. Whoever votes in the end is the Board," Bruno Soares said.

"In this case, everyone knows that the Council was well divided. He then passed the decision to the Board for failing to make a specific decision. And they chose to make that decision. In fact, there is no interest of the players that he quit. It is well divided. There are people who believe that he is doing a good job and there are people who think that tennis could be in a better situation," he added.