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Contrary to Subuhi Joshi's allegations, comedian Sidharth Sagar has made counter-allegations of domestic violence against his ex-fiancee saying that he was the only who has sustained major injuries in their scuffle.

"Let me tell you that I had three major fights with Subuhi and everytime it was me who suffered injuries. I also a big scar on my right hand. I should've taken photographs and kept it as evidence at that time instead of going to the doctor. Later, she only cleaned everything and this incident took place when I was shooting for the first episode of Comedy Circus where you will see my hand in bandages. Even the doctor had come to the sets that day and told me that it will need stitches. That scar is still there. I didn't sleep that night thinking about it. I have been dealing with this situation till date. I was very vunerable at that time. After I left home, I have stayed alone for almost 2 years. I was in desperate need of love. Subuhi came and filled that space. But eventually, she turned out to be a black-hearted person," Sidharth Sagar narrated the first time he got hurt by Subuhi to International Business Times India.

Sidharth Sagar shared the image exclusively with IBTimes India
Sidharth Sagar shared the image exclusively with IBTimes Indial

He went on to recall the second incident and said, "The second time I got hit in my head in the hustle and bustle and had started bleeding. And if she gets hurt a little in the tussle, she calls it domestic violence. And she's not someone who you could overpower with your strength. She's very strong. You can't even defend yourself let alone attacking her. She's strong enough to tear me apart limb by limb. She got scared maybe thinking what if I go and report the cops about domestic violence. She was crying and saying sorry to me. But I never had any intention of escalating the matter in public. And when we went to a doctor near MG Road, the doctor had said that it was a police case. I told him I had a fight with my fiancee and I fell and got injured. But the doctor insisted that someone has hit you on the head. I told him that I don't want any trouble. It's a family matter and the doctor kind enough to clean the wound."

And the third time when the two got into a scuffle, Subuhi got hurt a little which she had called it domestic violence and called the police. Sidharth complains that Subuhi is showing off her marks that she got in the fight but what about him who bleeded in their previous fights.
"My only mistake was that I didn't complain about her to the cops," Sidharth asserted.

"I am saying don't believe me, neither what Subuhi is saying but trust the evidences. You can meet every doctor who treated me and ask him anything you wish to. Or you can even check the CCTV footages. It is all there.

She says that I was crying and saying sorry to her but why would I do that when I haven't done anything. Yes, I cried because I was in a state of shock after the scuffle. My mistake was that I am emotionally weak and didn't take the opinions of others too seriously.

I just want to know why Subuhi is playing such games with me? Why did she wait for two months after our break-up? And suddenly you remember everything while partying with friends and spreads lies about me in the media that I do domestic violence," Sidharth said adding that he believes Subuhi talked about their fights in the media to gain publicity.

"This is third time she has got media fame. First time, when she had filed an NC against my mother and second time, when she got engaged to Sidharth Sagar. I just want to tell her to stop spreading lies for negative publicity to become famous," he added.

Sidharth further said that Subuhi had even accused him of borrowing money from her mother which he has completely denied.

"I have never even taken money from my parents and never took them to police station even after what had done to me in the past. It isn't in my nature. I just wanted to end this relationship and I expected this from Subuhi as well but instead she chose to create a scene by media trial.

Subuhi says that my creditors are coming to her house, I challenge her to bring any one of those creditors. I know she won't because she can't as I have not taken money from anyone.

In fact, I had given the money to her parents. I had taken care of her expenses be it from booking flights to buying her expensive jewelry. I gave Subuhi a diamond ring for the engagement because she thought that the engagement ring was cheap."

Sidharth has claimed that he has spent almost 30-35 lakhs on Subuhi till the time they were together, from paying electricity bills to maid's salary, on every small thing that went into the making of the house they were living in.

"She didn't even share the house expenses as she used to earn only Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per day whereas I earn a lot comparatively. And if she can tell whatever she wants, I will give you hardcore proofs of any incident which will be enough to expose her lies," Sidharth said.

To Subuhi, Sidharth has asked her to stop playing games like she used to do in Splitsvilla and focus on grooming herself as a person and move on in life.

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