Ravi Shastri with his mother
Ravi Shastri posted this picture of himself with his motherTwitter/Ravi Shastri

Mother's day is here and sportspersons have joined the laity in celebrating the occasion by thanking their mothers. Not to be left behind is one man who often finds himself in a controversy whenever he makes a powerful assertion – Indian cricket team's head coach Ravi Shastri.

But on the occasion of Mother's Day, the former India international put out a tweet that is not only not controversial but also very touching. He shared a picture of himself with his mother and while wishing him a happy Mother's Day, also described her as his 'biggest critic.'

Yes, you heard that right, Mrs Shastri is the biggest critic of the former India all-rounder and not the various people with whom he has been in a war of words. The picture shared by the India coach had him wearing a casual shirt with fruit prints on it, the sort of easy-going look which we have become accustomed to from Shastri.

Sourav Ganguly Ravi Shastri
Shastri and Ganguly have been involved in war of wordsGetty Images

All this while we thought that the biggest critic ofthe 56-year old was former India captain Sourav Ganguly. The relationship between the two men soured after Shastri accused Ganguly of being 'disrespectful' for not attending the interview where Shastri was appearing as a candidate for the job of Indian national team's coach, despite being part of the panel interviewing the aspirants.

Never to let an attack go unanswered, the 'Prince of Kolkata' responded by criticising Shastri for his words. This led to a souring of relations which continues to the present day. During India's tour to England last year, when the head coach described the team under his watch as India's best touring side, Ganguly responded to that comment by calling them 'immature.'

Shastri also, on his part, has taken potshots at Dada. He didn't include Ganguly in the list of best Indian captains, apart from making snide, indirect comments about the former skipper. But, as the retired all-rounder himself has revealed, it is not Ganguly but his own mother who is his worst critic. Well, that's one critic he won't mind having in his life. Maybe, it has been her criticism that made the cricketer-turned-broadcaster-turned-coach so successful in his career.