Not just Ajay Devgn but Akshay Kumar also has cameo in Simmba
Not just Ajay Devgn but Akshay Kumar also has cameo in SimmbaTwitter

It is well known that Ajay Devgn has a special appearance in Ranveer Singh's Simmba, but not many are aware that another big star too has a cameo in the film, and it is none other than Akshay Kumar.

Special screenings of Simmba have been held, following which not just some reviews of the movie came out, this interesting fact also got revealed.

The trailer of Simmba had shown Ajay having an impactful special appearance in the movie. However, Akshay's cameo was not included in it. Now, many viewers of the movie have revealed that the Khiladi actor too plays a small role of a cop in Simmba.

Apparently, his character is named Suryavanshi and he arrives during the climax of the film. Much like Ajay's role of Singham, the character of Suryavanshi too apparently is that of a daredevil police officer.

If that is not enough, rumours are rife that Akshay's character of Suryavanshi in Simmba will be seen as the lead role in Rohit Shetty's next movie, which will also be a cop drama. While it is confirmed that Akshay has a cameo in Simmba, no confirmation has come yet regarding his collaboration with Rohit in the director's next film.

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As soon as the news of Akshay's role in Simmba broke, hype around the film multiplied. Not just Ranveer and Ajay's fans are eager to watch the movie, now Akshay's fans are also curious to see the action star in the film.

It will indeed be interesting to see three of the top stars of Bollywood sporting characters of police-men.