Kim Jong Un

It was on last Wednesday that Typhoon Mayask hit the eastern coast of North Korea in its full fury. The unexpected natural disaster literally shocked the rogue nation, and authorities did not get enough time to prepare for the chaos. After the typhoon touchdown, a worker's party newspaper blamed authorities in the coastal city of Wonsan for not taking sufficient preparation. The newspaper also accused the authorities of having an irresponsible attitude during the time of a natural disaster. The newspaper also revealed that there were dozens of casualties in the region.

Pyongyang vows to take strict actions

On Sunday, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un visited the coastal areas hit by Typhoon Mayask. After visiting the area, Kim soon fired a top official over his response to the natural disaster. Kim also promised that a 1,000 member team from Pyongyang will be sent to the typhoon-hit areas to aid in recovery efforts.

According to political experts, Kim Jong-un's recent visit to the ravaged areas is an attempt to boost morale in the face of worsening economic pains, caused by US-led sanctions, imposed over the rogue nation's wild nuclear ambitions.

"Kim Jong Un's more frequent visits to the provinces are intended to show a 'leader of the people' response to natural disasters. But this is also blunt recognition that the elite in Pyongyang are not self-reliant. Kim's increased attention to farmers reflects a worrying food supply situation in the country," Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul told the Associated Press.

Rumors over Kim Jong-un's health end

In an image released by North Korean state media, the 36-year-old dictator was seen wearing a white shirt while visiting the typhoon-affected areas. The new images of Kim clearly indicate that he is in perfect health condition.

A few days back, it has been reported that Kim Jong-un is in a coma, and doctors are trying hard to save his life. Several political experts based in North Korea claimed that Kim's sister Kim Yo-Jong will be soon throned to power in the absence of Jong. As Kim Jong-un has made another public appearance, it has become pretty clear that all the uncertainties surrounding Kim's health are mere rumors.