[Representational Image]KOREA SUMMIT PRESS POOL,MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

North Korea has executed its special envoy to the United States, Kim Hyok Chol, and four other foreign ministry officials for their part in the failed second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. The two-day summit meeting was held at the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27–28.

North Korea has executed five officials for their part in the failed second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to a South Korean newspaper.

According to South Korean Chosun Ilbo newspaper, the foreign ministry officials were held responsible for the fall of the summit and were executed in March as they had failed in working out negotiations with the US. The nuclear disarmament summit between the two countries had failed as both leaders did not sign any agreement over the issue.

It is reported that Kim Yong Chol was subjected to forced labour at Jagang Province and ideological education after his dismissal. Kim Song Hye, who carried out working-level negotiations with Kim Hyok Chol, was sent to a political prison camp. Shin Hye Yong, the interpreter for Kim Jong Un, was detained at a political prison camp for undermining the authority of Kim Jong Un by making a critical interpretation mistake, reports Chosun Ilbo.

Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong, who was at her brother's side for both the nuclear summits, is also reported to be lying low on her brother's orders. "We are not aware of Kim Yo-jong's track record since the Hanoi meeting," said a South Korean government official.

A senior official of North Korea, Kim Yong Chol was its top nuclear negotiator. He was the counterpart of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo since Kim entered nuclear talks with the US in 2018.