Season 2 of "Noragami Aragoto" ended on 25 December with Episode 13 titled "The God of Fortune's Message". It has been two weeks since then and we still have no update on when and if the anime series will return with Season 3.

Since the manga series titled "Noragami", on which the anime is based, is still continuing its editions, we believe that BONES studios will return with yet another season of "Noragami Aragoto". After all, they have a tradition of holding off on premiere and air date details for their shows, until a couple of weeks before the show goes on air.

In the last aired episodes, we saw how Yato, the stray god, chose Yukine over Nora as his Shinki once and for all. He showed the katana what kind of a God he truly is, by keeping him as his Regalia, even as we saw a sweeter side of Nora that we had never seen before. We do believe Yato's decision might change her into a villain, but that does not take away from the fact that Yato made the right choice.

Spoilers from Manga series ahead

Meanwhile, we also finally got to see Yato's "father" in flesh and blood in the finale episode. As it turns out, he is the very senior that stole a kiss from Hiyori in an earlier episode. Although other than his appearance and a seemingly all-powerful persona, nothing was revealed in "Noragami Aragoto" Season 2 finale, from the Manga we know that he is reason Yato was created.

Fujisaki aka father has wished for Yato to be a god of calamity, and two now share a master-servant relationship. While the two do not care for each other, Fujisaki is characterised to be sadistic and enjoys tormenting Yato physically and psychologically.

We believe that could be the major reason for him to kiss Hiyori. Fujisaki knows that Yato has a special relationship with Hiyori and wants to hurt Yato by kissing her.

Fujisaki is also one of the most powerful characters from the "Norgami" with an ability to harm people without so much as batting an eyelid. He has travelled to Yomi aka Underworld once, and took the first Phantom Brush (Koto no Ha), which he now uses to torture people purely for his amusement.

The entry of Fujisaki is going to make "Noragami Aragoto" all the more interesting, but from our calculations we might have to wait until late 2016 or early 2017 for a new season of the manga series about out favourite Stray God.