The Season 2 finale episode of "Noragami Aragoto" was aired on Friday, 25 December, and even as of now there is no official announcement about the fate of the show's future. We are hoping that Season 3 will appear sometime in late 2016, considering Bones did not make an announcement for Season 2 following the Season 1 finale.

In "The God of Fortune's Message" we saw that Ebisu got punished by the Heavens for trying to gain control of the Phantoms, and even going over to the Underworld to fulfill this desire. However, it looks like the mysterious Father also had a big hand in Ebisu's downfall.

After name dropping him for a few episodes, we finally got to see the face of the Father in the finale, and in one of the most shocking "Noragami" revelations ever, he turns out to be the same guy that randomly kissed Hiyori. Even from the very small appearance he made in the show, it is quite evident that Father is going to be one of the strongest characters in the show and may be even anime.

Another great event from the finale was Yoto showing Yukine what kind of God he really is. He finally released Nora of her services, and decided to keep Yukine as his Regalia. However, we got to see a side of Nora we have never seen before, in a flashback scene where Yato bestows Nora her name, and emotionally it becomes a roller coaster.

Although the decision to let her go shows maturity on Yato's part, Nora may not see it the same way. We already know she has a twisted sense of morality, add vengeance to that, and she may be the enemy that Yato has to face off in Season 3; if we do get a Season 3.

Ideally, we should be getting an official announcement for "Noragami Aragoto" Season 3 by Spring 2016, but we will be updating you with any new information ahead of that. Do not forget to check back here for the same.