Nokia needs no introduction. The once darling mobile phone brand has undergone its share of troubles, but HMD Global is carefully guiding it towards success. Using the popular Finnish brand, HMD Global has launched a series of smartphones along with Nokia 3310 in a new avatar.

Nokia has launched three smartphones already this year, and is expected to release more before 2017 ends. Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have been lauded for their design, specs, features and affordability. But Nokia lacks a smartphone that fits in the premium flagship category to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and the upcoming iPhone 8.

Not for long. Rumours are rife that Nokia 8 is underway and it will be a breakthrough device in the premium category. As usual, Nokia hasn't confirmed its existence, but leaks have suggested what can be expected from Nokia's next big release.

Take a look at the five best features Nokia 8 will pack in order to compete strongly against the incumbents.

Bezel-less design

As smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, ease of use is being thrown out the window. But bezel-less designs have come to the rescue. Samsung, LG and even newbies like Essential have adopted the new trend and made phones with bigger and better displays without compromising on their handiness.

Essential Phone
Essential PhoneEssential Official Website

Nokia, too, will follow the suit this year. Nokia 8 is expected to feature a 6-inch display with 2K resolution, which will be integrated within a bezel-less panel. The handset could also offer protection against dust and water with IP68 certification.

A freshly leaked image by a Chinese source offered a glimpse of the Nokia 8 in black, blue, purple and grey shades, which looks promising. If you have an eye for a good-looking phone, Nokia 8 is certainly worth the wait.

Iris scanner

Fingerprint scanners are pretty standard in smartphones these days. From budget smartphones starting at Rs. 7,000 to premium phones costing tens of thousands offer fingerprint sensors for authentication purposes. It looks like Nokia will step up the game with Nokia 8.

Iris scanner: Everything to know about it
Iris scanner in Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung News

Rumour has it that the Nokia 8 smartphone will boast iris scanner, which will authenticate its owner. It remains unclear if the new sensor will be same as the one found on Samsung Galaxy S8, which can be tricked with a photograph, or utilise upgraded 3D sensor like the one Apple is rumoured to introduce in iPhone 8. If it's the former, you know you'd benefit from Nokia 8.

Impressive camera

HMD Global recently announced a strategic partnership with Carl Zeiss – the popular camera lens manufacturer that enhanced photography capabilities in Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 phones back in the days. This partnership will yield a fruitful outcome, and it is obvious a flagship smartphone will have what HMD and Carl Zeiss have to offer.

Nokia 808 Pureview
Nokia 808 PureviewNokia

If the rumours are right, Nokia 8 could get a dual camera setup at the back or get a capable 23 MP sensor with advanced photography skills. Nokia 8 is also expected to have a 12 MP front-facing snapper for all your selfies.

Seamless performance

While design, camera and new features are essential in any smartphone, core specifications that drive performance are the soul. Nokia 8 will bag Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 chipset, which has powered handsets of today like Sony Xperia XZ Premium and OnePlus 5. Combining this powerful chipset with at least 6 GB of RAM will do wonders. It's only a matter of time before we know for sure what exactly Nokia has planned for its flagship.

Snapdragon 835
Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO, holds up their new Snapdragon 835 chip during his keynote address at CES in Las Vegas, U.S., January 6, 2017.REUTERS/Rick Wilking


With all these high-end specs, one can only assume a hefty price tag. But the word is that Nokia 8 will cost around ¥3188, which is around $469. If true, Nokia 8 will stand tall between other flagships as consumers search for a worthy high-end smartphone. In fact, at this price, Nokia will even pose a danger to disruptive OEMs such as Honor, OnePlus and Xiaomi.

It's all a big gamble. Can Nokia pull this off? Let us know what you think in the comments below.