Legendary Nokia 3310 makes a comeback

Updated on May 16, 2017:

HMD Global launched the Nokia 3310 in India. The handset is priced at Rs. 3310, and sales go live May 18 onwards.

Original story...

MWC 2017 kicked off in full synergy on Monday, February 27, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain, bringing together the world's known and unknown brands.

Nokia is the erstwhile superstar and its booth was packed with visitors checking out the most-anticipated Nokia 3310, which was launched on Sunday.

We had the chance to spend some time with the feature phone, priced at EUR40, and boy, it was exciting.

Thanks to HMD Global Oy, Nokia 3310 has made it back in a new avatar. With slight and necessary design changes, Nokia 3310 looks amazing. The design is compact, lightweight and the battery is expected to last 22 hours on talktime and for a month on standby. That's not something we get on smartphones these days.

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The Nokia 3310: An icon is rebornSami Khan at MWC 2017, Barcelona

More than its features, what really cracks it open is the nostalgia it brings when people talk about Nokia 3310, which earned quite a name for itself with its indestructible design. We couldn't test the durability of the phone, but it surely feels sturdy.

Nokia has managed to shed a lot of weight and the display is 2.4 inches swept back towards the top.

The physical buttons are kept pretty much the same to retain the original look of the phone. There's a menu and back at the top connected to call and end buttons. The square button on the center takes care of the navigation and select functions. Then there are 1-0 buttons along with * and # keys in the same format as in the original 3310.

The rear has a 2MP camera along with an LED flash, but having too many expectations with it can be disappointing. It is a good addition to have. The speaker is placed at the back, just beside the rear camera, and there's a microUSB charging slot at the top of the device. A 3.5mm headphone jack can connect your earphones to the phone.

Performance-wise, we think it is certainly one of the most reliable feature phones out there. We played the legendary Snake game and launched Asphalt, which is pre-loaded on the phone, and it worked perfectly well.

Given the battery life, new design, and reliable performance, Nokia 3310 should be your next feature phone if you are really considering buying one. Even if you aren't, spending a few thousand bucks on this new device to use it as a secondary phone is totally worth.

If you are planning to buy one, there are four colours – white, black, yellow and orange. All colours look great, but the new candy hues make the Nokia 3310 stand out in the crowd.