Nagarjuna, Tabu, Amala
Nagarjuna, Tabu, AmalaInstagram

Nagarjuna had made headlines over his affair with Tabu. The Telugu superstar was already married to his Siva co-star Amala while he was dating the Bollywood actress. It was being said that Nagarjuna was the third man in Tabu's life but their affair was a painful one. The two reportedly dated for 10 years but by the time Tabu realised that Nagarjuna was not going to leave his wife, it was already too late for her.

Their affair was indeed a hush-hush one and neither Nagarjuna nor Tabu was vocal about their relationship. But the rumours of Tabu spending time with Nagarjuna at his home didn't stop making noise in the industry over and over again.

In 2006, Amala, who fed up with all these dating rumours, had decided to put an end to all the speculations. She called Tabu her friend and said that it is nobody's business to interfere in their personal lives.

"When there are serious issues like the blasts and the flood affecting Mumbai, are people actually wondering about what's Amala's best friend doing in her home? It's really saddening. Nobody should bother what happens under my roof. I am happy," Amala had told Mumbai Mirror.

Nagarjuna, Tabu
Nagarjuna, TabuInstagram

Amala admitted that Tabu stays with them when she comes home and expressed her worries that the rumours might have hurt the actress a lot.

"I'm sure even she must be hurt, but we never discuss it. Tabu is one of the persons, besides Danny Denzongpa, my rakhi brother, from Mumbai who I am in touch with. And, yes, she stays with us when she comes here," Amala said.

All's well that ends well.