Netflix stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor may have become the new heartthrob for teenagers after their two successful films, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and PS: To All The Boys: I Still Love You. However, when it comes to romance, Bollywood is a completely different mood.

Although the two of them may know a thing or two about how to be romantic on-screen, they wanted to explore Bollywood, which has over the years taken romance to a completely different level.

The two actors were shown clips from two of Shah Rukh Khan's popular work, Main Hoon Na, and Om Shanti Om and Aamir Khan's Dil Chahta Hai. In the video released by Netflix, they heavily enjoyed the overdose of visual representations the filmmakers had used to express love, but there were a few Bollywood logic which they were unable to grasp.

Lana Condor, Noah Centineo
Lana Condor gives hilarious reactions.

Lana and Noah started the promotional content by watching the initial clip of the song Tumse Mil Ke from Main Hoon Na where a decked-up Amrita Rao was seen walking towards Zayed Khan. The sudden appearance of the violinist surprised Lana the most and she seemed more than impressed when Amrita Rao swiftly flipping her hair without giving herself a neck ache.

It became quite clear that Lana is not a regular Bollywood moviegoer when she was slightly taken aback at the sudden sight of violinists in the middle of a college campus. But for us Indians, who have witnessed Rohit Shetty defy physics since the dawn of his career as a director, such a sight may not have particularly managed to disturb our sense of logic.

After arriving at a sophisticated cinematic conclusion from the previous clips, they moved on to the music video Aankhon Main Teri where Deepika Padukone was seen doing her iconic wave.

"Aah I love that wave...oh she is beautiful," exclaimed Lana, while Noah watched the video attentively. Both of them were awestruck by Deepika's beauty, they were unable to understand why she couldn't feel Shah Rukh Khan's weight when her dupatta got stuck in his wrist.

"I think if that happens to me at a premiere, I'll be like waaahhh," she said.

The third video was a clip from the song Kaisi Hain Yeh Rut, where Akshay Khanna was seen standing in a crescent moon and dolphins took a flip.

'That's not my dream world,' said Noah.

The fourth video was another clip from the film Main Hoon Na where Sushmita Sen made her entrance in a red saree. The two of them seemed to be extremely attentive towards the video, its romantic significance when the saree which was draped by Sushmita softly pressed on Shah Rukh's face. As much as they seemed to enjoy the video, they were unable to understand why Shah Rukh's arms kept going up like a magnetic force.

With various releases such as Swiped, SPF 18, The Perfect Date, Noah Centineo may be the new heartthrob for the teenagers but if this man wants to be the King of romance, then there are a few lessons he must learn from Bollywood's King Khan.