The Big Bang Theory
Pictured: The poster for CBS' comedy series, The Big Bang Theory.Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

A new episode of The Big Bang Theory will not be aired on Monday, as the sitcom has now shifted to its usual spot on Thursdays.

The episode titled The Fetal Kick Catalyst will be telecast on October 27. It will see Penny becoming a celebrity of sorts after her movie, The Serial Apeist, gathers a cult following.

This time around, The Big Bang Theory wikia does not have much information on what happens in the episode. However, the website did manage to find out that Penny's fanboys will be surprised to find out she's married to a geek like Leonard. In a September interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Steve Molaro hinted that Penny may return to acting.

"We're talking about a story involving Serial Apeist. I don't know if it's a return to acting, but the fact that she's in a cult movie that won't quite die may bubble back up a little," he said.

Elsewhere in the episode, there will be a cute moment when Bernadette finally experiences the baby's kicks, and gets excited about the pregnancy. As fans of the show already know, Bernadette has been vocal about not liking children, and according to Molaro, the show will continue to focus on her emotional state as her pregnancy advances.

"The focus has been on Bernadette's own emotional struggles with being a successful and career-oriented person who publicly is not fond of kids and didn't really want one and finding herself pregnant," Molaro said. "How is this going to affect her life and career? We've been pretty happy digging into the honest emotions behind someone in that situation. I'm not sure how things will shake out once a baby is in the picture, but for now we've been enjoying and been occupied with where she is in her head right now."

The synopsis for The Fetal Kick Catalyst reads: Shamy throw a brunch in their apartment. Howard and Bernadette feel their baby kick. Penny is a guest at a comic convention.

The Big Bang Theory is aired on Thursdays on CBS.