From Heropanti to Panipat, Kriti Sanon's journey has only seen an upward graph. Apart from having a gorgeous face, Kriti also has an immense hold over her acting abilities. She not only has been a part of several successful projects in the last few years but has also made a firm place for herself in the industry with her brilliant act in films like Bareilly Ki Barfi, Luka Chupi and Panipat.

The actress had once After Kartik Aaryan went away with all the praise and applause for his role in Luka Chuppi, Kriti Sanon had spoken up about this 'culture' of the male leads to walking away with all the glory. She had said, "This business of overlooking the leading lady has been going on for a while and it's so unfair.

Kriti Sanon
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I am glad this conversation is finally happening. It's logical to talk about only the male protagonist when the leading lady doesn't have a lot to do, but when they are both carrying a film on their shoulders, the credit should be equally shared. Everybody deserves a mention." And we couldn't agree with her more.

Bhairavi Goswami's unpleasant attack

It's not just the industry people who love Kriti, over the years, the actress has formed a humongous fan following. However, there are a few exceptions, who probably couldn't digest Kriti's stardom and popularity.

Once, when Kriti had posted a video of her dancing to a Hawa Hawa from Mumbarakan, Hate Story actress had left some mean comment on the actress. "How did she become an actress? No headlight, no bumper. Even college students look better," Bhairavi had written about Kriti.

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As per a report in India Today, when Kriti was asked to comment on Bhairavi's insensitive comment, Kriti had first said, "Who is she?" And later had said, "I think, I'm just happy for her. She got a lot of publicity. Now you guys know her name also, so yeah."

Well, we feel, Kriti Sanon is the perfect combination of beauty with brains and reacted in the best way possible to the whole controversy.