Firstly, we should congratulate Emma Stone on her decision to give birth to a child. While she is living her normal life going ahead with the daily chores, with a baby bump, a few media outlets have taken liberty to take these outings to be the moment to 'show-off' or 'flaunt' her pregnancy.

The fact that she has not responded to any of these reports shows that either she is completely indifferent to their scrutiny, or simply doesn't dignify a bad report piece with her attention. See some of the headlines and reactions on social media:

Emma Stone

For quite some time, social media was whipped into a frenzy after photos of Emma Stone circulated online, where she was seen in a certain stage of her pregnancy. Even in the middle of a farmer's protest in India, and avalanche in Uttarakhand, the Lala Land actress's pictures have managed to be one of the trending topics with quite a number of 'heart reactions'.

While fans may have adored her new appearance, a few media outlets have used the worst of words in their headlines to describe her present physical condition. 

Baby-Bump is NOT a Fashion Statement, or style to 'SHOW OFF' 

In all of the pictures that have circulated online, the Oscar award-winning actress is seen in her most casual self. She has been seen in attires which aren't exactly meant for the red carpets, but she isn't walking in one anyway is she? Emma has been falsely scrutinised, and her pregnant belly had been treated like an accessory which she has on display. Instead, it's a natural stage of a biological process.

But being under media glare, it is understandable that even when celebrities are spotted in casual activities, they garner wider coverage. It's difficult for headlines just to say, 'Pregnant Emma Stone spotted', and not treat the present state of her physique as a style statement for celebrities. But certainly Emma Stone, who championed women's dignity, is above all such harsh scrutinising headlines.