The Nipah virus has left the state of Kerala in fear and panic.AFP/Getty Images

Nipah virus that created panic among people in Kerala has now triggered fear in Himachal Pradesh's Nahan town. Nearly 18 dead bats were found inside a government school on Wednesday, May 23, and that has left the locals worried and distressed.

Health, animal husbandry, and forest department officials were rushed to the Burma Papadi School after the incident came to light. The authorities reached the school after a directive from the deputy commissioner following which they took samples of the dead bats, ANI reported.

The officials have said that the locals need not worry as they denied the rumours of Nipah virus for now as the death of bats is a common occurrence.

"The principal of the school and students said that bats come here every year, and eventually perish. However, this year, their numbers are far greater than in previous years," the district's chief medical officer, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, was quoted as saying by ANI.

He further added: "We have informed the teachers, students of the school about the virus, its symptoms, and preventive measures. We told them to avoid physical contact in case of an outbreak, as this is a communicable disease."

The school principal, Suparna Bharadwaj, also said that the fear surrounding the Nipah virus cannot be overlooked. She added that the school students have been well-informed about the deadly virus and its preventive measures. "The students were informed of the disease and its preventive measures so as to exercise all precautions in case of an outbreak and inform as many people as possible."

The number of deaths reported in Kerala has risen up to 12, according to Kerala health minister KK Shailaja. Kozhikode Collector UV Jose has even banned all public meetings and coaching classes to avoid assembly of people until May 31.