Confused which jewellery goes best with which garment? National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata now provides a solution to the sartorial dilemma.

NIFT is partnering with a city-headquartered jewellery company to craft new designs to meet consumer demands and provide a platform to budding fashion and accessories designers.

To kick-off the collaboration, students and faculty at NIFT's departments of fashion and lifestyle accessory and fashion communication will put up a graduation day show on Monday where the students will present looks centred around jewellery designs by Senco Gold and Diamonds.

"As many as five leading fashion designers from Kolkata will provide the garments which are in coordination with the jewellery line. But the entire look and narrative of the design is by our students," Jayati Mukherjee, a faculty member, said here on Saturday.

Mukherjee said the show is a stepping stone to the partnership.

"For example, we will showcase a style based on a filigree jewellery piece. The idea is to show how one's fashion statement can be elevated to something unique with the right combination of clothes and accessories. Our partnership will be an outlet to highlight the latest trends and which accessories go with what clothing," Mukherjee said.

To execute the two-way collaboration, students from the institute will intern at the jewellery company, which will showcase their designs.

The company will organise workshops for senior staff, salespersons and karigars (goldsmith/craftsmen) with the faculty members and students to exchange ideas on evolving fashion trends.