YouTube: Mavixxx

Conspiracy theorists all across the world and doomsday mongers have long been claiming that Nibiru, an alleged killer planet will soon collide with the earth causing massive destruction everywhere. Adding heat to these outlandish claims, popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavixxx' has uploaded an eerie video that shows a strange planet-sized object near the Sun.

The object spotted in the video is spherical in shape, and at first glance, it looks like a giant planet. In the video, the uploader revealed that the strange sighting was shot on July 23 from Nevada.

The video soon went viral, and spectators started sharing their thoughts to explain the mysterious sky sighting. Most of the conspiracy theorists who watched the video claimed that killer planet Nibiru has appeared in the skies, which indicates the arrival of an imminent doomsday. These conspiracy theorists also alleged that governments, with the help of space agencies like NASA, are spraying chemtrails in the skies to hide the existence of Nibiru from the general public.

"I have a pic, I took 3 yrs ago, the same thing, now much bigger, closer, and nothing can stop it, they will only be able to hide it, for a short time, then it will be obvious, too big to hide and, too late for the unprepared," commented Ed Connor, a YouTube user.

"Whatever it is it is getting closer. My first guess was that it is Jupiter. But how can Jupiter be traversing so far out of its orbit through Earths orbit, in between Earth and Venus? I've been watching this object since it could be seen as a very small out of place planet. Early video's show the planet to have similar markings as Jupiter," commented Great Scott, another YouTuber.

Some other conspiracy theorists argued that this object could be an alien mothership. As per these alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrial life is a reality, and these advanced beings from deep space used to visit the earth to monitor human activities.

However, sceptics believe that it is a glitch in the camera lens that has caused this visual anomaly on the image.