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NASA/ Lynette Cook

Conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru alias Planet X have been ruling the internet for many years, but until now, neither of these doomsday mongers were successful in putting forward a concrete piece of evidence to substantiate the existence of this space body. However, several apocalypse believers strongly claim that Planet X is a reality, and it will one day hit the earth causing massive destructions everywhere. Now, popular conspiracy theorist Gordon James Gianninoto has also joined the party, and he has outlandishly claimed that the arrival of Nibiru is expected to cause a pole shift on earth.

Gordon James Gianninoto made these remarks while talking live to Coast to Coast AM radio. During the talk, he made it clear that Planet X will not have to approach the earth directly to cause havoc, and he believes that the gravitational tug of this huge space body from a gigantic distance is capable enough to shift the earth's pole. The conspiracy theorist also added that 90 percent of the human race will be wiped out in one hour when Nibiru arrives the earth.

"What's gonna happen at first, is we're going to have increasing earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal surges, bigger storms. We're going to have all kinds of things like that and the pace is going to pick up to the point where the governments cannot rescue anybody. You are on your own and you're going to see that happen. Right before, when finally Planet X moves far enough away from the Sun that everyone on Earth looks up and goes. 'oh my God how could it have gotten there and they never told us? How? Who's been lying to us? When that happens, that day – mark it on your calendar – because it's 49 days to a pole shift," said Gianninoto during the live talk, reports

As per Gianninoto, sea levels will rise by almost 700 feet during the arrival of Nibiru, and this is capable enough to engulf many countries.

Even though conspiracy theorists are very much confident about the arrival of Nibiru, space agencies like NASA have continuously dismissed these claims by classifying it as an internet hoax. As per NASA, there is nothing like Nibiru or Planet X, and if this space body is a reality, it could have already appeared on the skies.

However, a few months back, Michael Brown, a top researcher at the California Institute of Technology had revealed that the alleged Planet Nine could be eventually discovered by the astronomers in the future. Brown believes that the space in which Planet Nine exists is too dark, and this is the reason why astronomers could not locate it. As Michael Brown's theory went viral online, conspiracy theorists assumed that Planet Nine might be actually Nibiru, that will cause apocalypse on the planet.