Nibiru India
YouTube: Sharad Acharya

Several conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that a killer planet named Nibiru is lurking at the edges of the solar system. According to these conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is currently in its collision course towards the earth, and once it hits the blue planet, the devastation will be triggered everywhere. Now, Paul Begley, a popular Christian evangelist who is known for his 'end time' predictions has claimed that planet Nibiru is a real deal.

Biblical prophecies turning true

Pastor Begley who has more than 3,00,000 followers on YouTube believes that the end days will arrive sooner than we think. Without providing any evidence, Begley claimed that NASA had a Nibiru task force for seven years, and he blatantly argued that the United States space agency is well aware of Planet X's existence. He also outlandishly claimed that there is a secretive little green file that substantiates the existence of Planet X.

"I've actually went back and found documents where NASA even had a Nibiru task force for seven years. They (Little Green Files) talk about the binary system that's bringing a ton of asteroids and debris toward the Earth. No I haven't seen Planet X or Nibiru, but there's a lot of mathematical proof and a lot of scientists and astronomers who do say that this dark planet that's so far out there on the edge of our solar system that it's creating five waves of energy that is shaking the heavens," said Pastor Begley, Daily Star reports.

Is Nibiru a hoax?

It was in 2017 that the Nibiru apocalypse theory gained widespread popularity among netizens. In 2017, a conspiracy theorist named David Meade predicted that the world will end on September 17, as Nibiru will hit planet earth with its full fury. As panic loomed up, NASA revealed that Nibiru alias Planet X is nothing but an internet hoax.

According to NASA, Nibiru could have been visible to the naked eyes if this rogue planet is real. And as expected, September 23, 2017, passed uneventfully, and planet earth remained the same.

However, several space experts strongly believe that there could be an invisible ninth planet on the edges of the solar system. According to these space experts, the weird robots of trans-Neptunian objects could be an indication that Planet Nine is influencing these bodies with its gravitational pull.