NASA is working on asteroid deflecting machine
NASA is working on asteroid deflecting machinePixabay

NASA, the United States space agency has recently confirmed that an asteroid named 2018 VP1 will make its close approach with the earth on November 02, a day before the US presidential election. According to space experts, the chance of this asteroid enter the earth's atmosphere is 1 in 240. However, considering its size of just 7 feet, this asteroid will not create any catastrophic impacts on the planet's surface, instead, it will burn up as a tiny meteor on the earth's atmosphere.

Incoming asteroid a sign of the apocalypse?

However, popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley who is known for his doomsday predictions believes that the close approach of this asteroid is an indication of an imminent apocalypse. In one of his recent videos, Begley claimed that the arrival of the asteroid a day before the US presidential election is actually fulfilling prophecies mentioned in the Bible.

"Asteroid coming our way the night before the presidential election. This is truly an apocalyptic election," said Begley. 

Begley has long been claiming that several signs will appear in the skies before the second coming of the Christ. The evangelist strongly argues that the arrival of the small asteroid is just a beginning, and it will be followed by the close approach of more space rocks.

World events suggest humans are going through end times

Earlier, Begley had claimed that the recent world events that include the deadly coronavirus pandemic, locust attack, and tensions between several world powers are all substantiating the fact that humans are going through the end times. According to Begley, Antichrist will rise before the second coming of the Christ, and this evil entity, who will rise most probably as an influential political leader will try to prevent Christ's coming.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the ultimate doomsday will be triggered when rogue planet Nibiru hits the earth. These conspiracy theorists claim that Nibiru is a killer planet that has been lurking at the edges of the solar system, and currently, it is in its collision course towards the earth.