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Bollywood movie "NH10" starring Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in the leads has got positive reviews from the viewers, who can not stop praising the amazing performance of the actress.

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"NH10" is a thriller film, which has been written by Sudip Sharma and directed by Navdeep Singh. Its title refers to the 403 km long National Highway 10 that starts from Delhi ends at the Pakistan border in Punjab. It is about a couple, whose road trip goes awry after an encounter with a group of violent criminals. It is inspired by the 2008's Eden Lake.

Anushka Sharma's NH10 Collection

After watching the film, many film goers took to their Twitter pages to talk about it and lauded the interesting script, direction and Anushka's performance. We bring some unique Twitter comments. Here is the live update of "NH10" movie review by viewers.

Shrihari S. Rathi @sherryrats

Well, if only I get a chance to touch @AnushkaSharma's feet. #NH10 EPIC. ANUSHKA AND NEIL CLASSIC. DARSHAN BRILLIANT. Take a respectful bow. The reason why I worship @anuragkashyap72 this much. This very much. #NH10 is beyond my words, one epic flick. @AnushkaSharma take a bow.

Ritika Handoo @ritikahandoo

Background score is captivating in #NH10. Anushka impresses so far in #NH10. There is a lot of action in #NH10. Darshan Kumaar is the surprise package in #NH10. Director Navdeep Singh has done justice to the plot of #NH10. Brilliant camera work in #NH10

Lovkik @CameowSuhas

#NH10 End of first half. Murders are not that gory but very sadistic & brutal. Slow but passable 1st hour.

Bhawana Somaaya @bhawanasomaaya

In 2007 @AnushkaSharma made her debut in #RabNeBanadiJodi, in 2015 she turns producer with #NH10 a film that raises issues not item numbers. #NH10 addresses many social concerns relevant in present India. It jolts u, scares u, shames u, ensure u have a friend beside u to hold hand

IBNLive Movies @IBNLiveMovies

So much happens in the first half that you are on the edge of your seat, hooked to the screen! Hope the second half is equally fast paced as the first one! In a progressive country, it is still alarming that how caste system plays such an important part of the society. Uff! So good to see Deepti Naval in such a strikingly different role! The script is tailor made for @AnushkaSharma and she does full justice to it. #girlpower #NH10 is an important film for its relevance in present times. Director Navdeep Singh highlights the disparity that exists in society brilliantly. Performance driven and realistic, the film scores because of its brilliant cast. Some brilliant camera work makes this film an edge of the seat thriller.

Bhagwan ‏@Main_Bhagwan

#NH10 is a mind blowing, relentless edge of the seat thriller. @AnushkaSharma is superb. Go watch @NH10themovie @FuhSePhantom @neilbhoopalam

Malik Veeresh @VeereshMalik

#NH10 is a movie for women wearing very short skirts who wonder why the guy filling air in car tyres is on the ground when they step out

ठरकी छोकरो @appu_420

script of #NH10 is blood-filled n gut wrenching & at every point it is a mirror to our society which is partly urban & partly barbaric.

Tathagata @TathagataHajra

#NH10 sends thrills down my spine , edgy till the end , superb execution and real power take a bow @AnushkaSharma! #NH10 is brilliant ! @AnushkaSharma u were brilliant ! Huge success ! That excitement till the end was making my spine rattle till the end. #NH10 is a brilliant movie ! @AnushkaSharma 2015 is ur year ! You surprised us with those nail biting finishes !

Aniruddha Guha @AniGuha

Had my balls in my mouth watching #NH10. Solid comeback by director Navdeep Singh. And an unhinged, fantastic performance by @AnushkaSharma.

Lavina @lavinaezrani

#nh10 #nh10review watch it if you can digest the bitter truth about women in india.. Great job by @AnushkaSharma hope she gets this msg.

Priya Adivarekar @priyaadivarekar

#NH10 is a brave, edge of the seat thriller! Kudos to @AnushkaSharma for an incredible act. Both @neilbhoopalam & @DarshanKumaar shine. Bravo @AnushkaSharma For producing & performing in a courageous, hard hitting film like #NH10 A film like this was much needed! Take a bow.

Why So Serious! @surrealzakir

Shockingly Brutal scenes....#NH10 Interval - Interesting Movie so far Awesome anentha emi ledu #NH10 Accurate Depiction of Honor killings in India... I usually Dont say this But Anushka Sharma Take a Bow....What a Performance.... NH10 - Climax Goosebumps.... ONE WORD AWESOME. NH10 - A Must Watch Film for every movie loving person. Esp Girls Dont Miss This #WomenPower Wats interesting is there r no Desclaimers for Smoking but almost all cuss words either Edited out or replaced.... #NH10

Miss Echo ‏@echonomiss

#NH10 is a brutal, edge of the seat movie. @AnushkaSharma was brilliant! And congrats on shattering the Bollywood-post-interval-jinx! #NH10. Doesn't get more hard-hitting than this. Swiftly covered glaring social issues within a tight plot. @AnushkaSharma @anuragkashyap72

Morpheus Baba @MorpheusBaba

@AnushkaSharma killed it in NH10. Literally and figuratively. Super performances, 1st half was an edge of the seat thriller.

Pankaj Sabnani @pankajsabnani

#NH10 is disturbingly good with sparkling performances. Kudos to @AnushkaSharma for backing such a brave project.

Boneypaul @iambc107

Loved #NH10 #NH10Movie .. @AnushkaSharma was too good... gud attempt by the makers..money well invested

SKJbollywoodnews ‏@SKJbollywoodnew

'Chilling,nervewracking..#NH10 re-defines the thriller-horror genre. Anushka Sharma and Darshan Kumaar's combustive collaboration blows the screen apart .' 4 stars. Subhash K Jha Review #NH10reviews

Virat Akhil Reddy ‏@akhil_ramireddy

#NH10 is beyond brilliance! #Flawless #performance @AnushkaSharma 2015 is your year! you make a successful producer.

Shaan @mesopystic

#NH10 under the guise of a revenge thriller, says a whole lot. Brutal, relentless and extremely atmospheric. Nailed it. Don't miss it.

Sidhu @sidhuwrites

#NH10 Interval: Blows you away. Racy and chilling story of a road trip gone terribly wrong. Loving it so far. #NH10: Nail biting. Ambitious, gutsy attempt made on a miniscule, short film budget. Has one or two clichés but definitely worth a watch. #NH10: Anushka is a step above everyone else, carrying off a superb attitude. Technically fab, music could have been better.