• 'NH10': Facts You Need To Know About Anushka Sharma's Thriller Film
    Anushka has a pair of customised shoes, printed "NH10" on itTwitter
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    Anushka Sharma starrer 'NH10' already achieved ₹ 13 crores in its opening weekendfacebook
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    First look of Anushka Sharma's "NH10"; French make-up artist was called from Paris for the perfect prosthetics’ lookTwitter

Actress Anushka Sharma stunned everyone with her brilliant performance in thriller flick "NH10". The "PK" actress made her production debut with "NH10" and interestingly achieved success in her first step.

Several Bollywood celebs including Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, Farhan Akhtar and others praised the actress for her performance. Even alleged beau Virat Kohli made headlines when he said that he was bowled by his 'love' Sharma's performance. 

Here are a few facts about the outstanding movie that one really needs to know.

Anushka has a pair of customised shoes, printed "NH10" on it

Anushka Sharma has got a pair of customised shoes that has "NH10" printed on it. The actress reportedly flaunted her unique shoes at many promotional events of her thriller flick and has also said that she will treasure this funky pair of footwear forever.

She refused to include an item number

Sharma was absolutely against an item number in the film. As she said earlier, she wanted to keep the film real.

"Someone suggested we have a typical song-and-dance sequence just before the most critical point in the movie. I was told it would be good to pause with a romantic song where they (Neil and Anushka's characters) just get out of the car and start singing. My reaction was a blank expression. I had such an awesome blank expression; I wanted to clap for myself," Pinkvilla quoted Sharma as saying.

"NH10" raked in 13 crore in its opening weekend

Anushka's "NH10" surprisingly minted ₹ 13 crores in its opening weekend. The actress has truly proved her talent and also garnered appreciation from all over.

Anushka was petrified when they faced sand storm during the shoot

Anushka, who gave an outstanding performance in the film, is reportedly afraid of sand storms. The actress got scared when the team had to face a storm while shooting in Jodhpur.

French make-up artist was called from Paris for the perfect prosthetics' look

Apparently, a French make-up artist Romy Angevin was specially called by the debut producer from Paris to India. He was flown in to give a perfect look of prosthetics for the film.

Anushka received "NH10" script three years ago

Anushka, who was busy with big projects like "PK", kept "NH10" on hold for three years. The actress wanted to finish her big projects so that she could solely concentrate on the "NH10"