As the coronavirus vaccination rollout is progressing steadily in almost all countries, New Zealand has officially reported the first death that is related to the jab. On Monday, a New Zealand woman lost her life due to the complications developed after receiving the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer. 

Health Ministry confirmed the news

The death news has been confirmed by the Health Ministry of New Zealand, and the conclusion was made after a review by an independent COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring board. However, the Ministry did not reveal the name of the woman who died after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. 

Covid vaccine
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The safety monitoring board revealed that the death of the woman was due to myocarditis, a rare but known side effect of Pfizer's Covid vaccine. Myocarditis is basically the inflammation of the heart muscle, which will ultimately result in the failure of pumping blood to various parts of the body. The independent board also noted that other medical issues might have also contributed to the death of the woman. 

Until now, Pfizer has not reacted to the recent development that happened in New Zealand. 

Vaccines outweigh the risk of Covid infection

Even though a complication associated with the vaccine has claimed the life of a woman, the safety monitoring board made it clear that the benefits of receiving the coronavirus vaccine will outweigh the risk of getting Covid infection. 

New Zealand, at one point in time, had successfully flattened the coronavirus chaos curve. However, over the past few days, the number of Covid cases has started rising dramatically, and the new outbreak is primarily driven by the Delta variant of the pandemic. On Monday, the country witnessed 53 fresh cases, taking the total number of Covid cases to 562.