Christopher Nolan's new Tenet movie trailer finally debuted in Fortnight on Thursday and it is as good as his former Batman trilogy, Inception, or Dunkirk.

Tenet movie is described as a movie set within the world of international espionage and the released trailer plays around the concept of time moving forward and backwards — hence the palindrome title.

Robert Pattinson

New Tenet movie trailer starts by a male voice saying, "All I have for you is a word." We then see a huge sea and the scene then cut to a dock where we see John David Washington and Martin Donovan's characters standing. The latter finally says, "Tenet...It will open the right doors...some of the wrong ones too." As he says all this, we see Washington's character fighting off some bad guys (hopefully).

We are then taken to show Washington's character's perspective as he is hanging down a huge building and says, "To do what I do... I need some idea of the threat we face." He then simply pulls forward to the top of the building — but this is not a simple pull, this is some sort of time moving backwards pull.

"As I understand it, we're trying to prevent World War III," says an apron-wearing nurse. To this, the lead replies, "I'm not seeing Armageddon here." But what he is seeing is something worse.

It is also clear from the trailer that John David Washington's character and his collaborators are finding Kenneth Branagh's character — a Russian guy who is somehow able to communicate with the future. What follows next is Washington's efforts to bring down this man and in his efforts, we will see flying cars crashing — even an airplane colliding into a hanger.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan's Tenet with Dimple Kapadia to be shot in MumbaiTwitter

Several fans must have missed this crucial detail that in the trailer we are not told which year the story is being placed. We will only learn more about it when Nolan will release more trailers or we will finally get to watch it in the theaters, hopefully soon.

You can watch the amazing trailer of Tenet movie here and catch how Robert Pattinson is going to steal all the hearts by his amazing looks and brilliant performance:

Tenet movie release date:

From our previous reports, we already had a brief idea that Tenet move would involve some sort of manipulation of time. As per Tenet movie merchandise, the lead protagonist in the movie would do their best to prevent World War III from happening by either going back in time or ahead in time.

This manipulation with time is known as inversion, so in the movie, rather than shooting a bullet from a gun, we see the gun somehow catching a bullet from where it was previously nestled.

Christopher Nolan's Tenet movie was is scheduled to release on July 17, 2020, however, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all the theatres are not closed world-wide. Keeping that in mind, there was no release date mentioned in the recently released trailer.