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You can soon start using a horde of new emoji, including a flying saucer or UFO (unidentified flying object). hijab or woman with headscarf, gender-neutral people, mermaid, T-Rex, shushing face, mage, pie and broccoli among others, as the Unicode Consortium has announced lots of interesting characters.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation devoted to developing, maintaining, and promoting software internationalization standards and data, has made the new emojis available to the vendors ahead of the Unicode 10.0 that is scheduled for June to ensure that they reach the public on time.

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There are 239 new emojis, and they include 18 gender-neutral people, six women with headscarf or hijab, 18 mage (both man and woman), six bearded men, 18 mermaid, six breast-feeding, 18 vampire, and several others like fairy, person in climbing, person in lotus position (yoga), love-you gesture, palms up together, zombie and others in varied skin tone.

From among the new emojis, there are 69 unique ones, according to Emojipedia that visualises how new emojis may look when they come to fruition and come up with mock-ups. It said in a statement that most vendors are expected to add support for these emojis in the second half of 2017.

One of the most interesting emojis from among the newly announced ones is the gender-neutral which comes in the form of a child, adult and elderly person with different skin tone. It is for those who are not able to clearly identify their gender. A breastfeeding woman, a man with beard, a woman with headscarf or hijab, fairies etc are other emojis that users may find interesting.

(Source: Unicode / Emojipedia)