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Apple has released iOS 10.2 beta for registered developers, and a few updates will excite its users. It has brought back Apple Music's star rating feature that allows users to rate a song from a scale of 1-5, and scores of emojis, including Face Palm, Harambe, Shrug, Fingers Crossed and others.

The iOS 10.2 beta has brought back star rating in Apple Music app. To access this feature, users have to go to Settings > Music and then turn on "Show Star Ratings." Star rating menu can be found by tapping bottom right of the screen when the song is in playing mood.

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According to Emojipedia, iOS 10.2 developer beta has added Unicode 9 emoji support, i.e., 72 emojis approved in June 2016. Here are some of the emojis:

- Rolling On The Floor Laughing

- Face With Cowboy Hat

- Clown Face

- Lying Face

- Drooling Face

- Nauseated Face

- Sneezing Face

- Prince

- Mother Christmas

- Man In Tuxedo

- Shrug

- Face Palm

- Pregnant Woman

- Man Dancing

- Selfie

- Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed

- Call Me Hand

- Left-Facing Fist

- Right-Facing Fist

- Raised Back Of Hand

- Handshake

- Black Heart

- Gorilla

- Fox Face

- Deer

- Rhinoceros

- Bat

- Eagle

- Duck

- Owl

- Lizard

- Shark

- Avocado

The iOS 10.2 beta also comes with 16 new emoji professions from the Emoji 4.0 update, including Female Firefighter (Male Firefighter), Female Judge (Male Judge), Female Artist (Male Artist), Female Astronaut (Male Astronaut), Female Cook (Male Cook), Female Pilot (Male Pilot), and several others.

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