A pocket-friendly way, which improves the chances of conceiving than in vitro fertilization(IVF) has been developed. [Representational image]Reuters

Couples who aspire to conceive can do so using a pocket-friendly way as against comparatively expensive way of going through the in vitro fertilisation (IVF). A condom-like device, which was developed two years back, aids couples in conceiving and improving the chances of pregnancy.

The success rate of this over-the-counter device is said to be around 20 percent as effective as the IVF technique. According to some statistics, around hundreds of couples have been benefited by this birth triggering condom since its launch two years back.

This condom is called Stork and it costs $80 in the US and approximately £100 in the UK, which is a very bearable amount as compared to what one spends on IVF.

"The beauty of this technology is that it is non-invasive, can be performed in the privacy of the couples' home and is much cheaper than comparable treatment offered by private fertility clinics," stated women's health expert, Doctor Catherine Hood, as reported by

This device functions like a case to collect sperm which is transmitted into the woman using a tampon-like applicator.

"The results from this clinical study are significant as they show the Stork can deliver three times more sperm to the cervix compared to natural intercourse," Prof Nick Raine-Fenning, a consultant gynaecologist and reproductive specialist at Nottingham University Hospital, said.

"This could be beneficial for couples experiencing common fertility difficulties such as low sperm count and motility problems," he added.