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Durex CondomReuters

UK-based condom maker Durex on Monday tweeted something really unimaginable and bizarre! The company released a wide range of condoms and other products, but also announced about releasing eggplant-flavoured condoms.

Later, the company tweeted to clear what eggplant is for the British audiences. It changed the term "eggplant" to "aubergine" for the better understanding of the British.

However, the clarification by Durex came out too late for people to stop using their creativity and imagination to a great extent. Twitterati came up with funny replies while reacting to the tweet by Durex. Take a look:

Everyone took a sigh of relief when it was finally clear that no eggplant condom was going to be released. The company later revealed that the idea was to come up with a condom emoji and make it easier for everyone, specially youngsters, to practice safe sex and talk about it openly. The firm feels that teenagers usually hesitate and or feel embarrassed to talk about these things and the emoji would help in breaking that barrier. 

Apart from this, Durex is also found to share awareness about Zika virus, informing people that Zika is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and one should use condoms to stay protected from it.

It's the first time a global condom maker has come up with such an attention grabbing idea to promote its campaign about safe sex and give emoji makers an idea to create a condom emoji represented by a brinjal!