Nayanthara is widely considered the lady superstar in the South Indian film industry, and she enjoys a huge fan following across various states. The actress' new movie Netrikann has been released on Disney+Hotstar today. The film had created a huge pre-release hype, and after the release, Nayanthara once again affirmed the fact that she is the only lady superstar down south who can shoulder any movies. Directed by Milind Rau, this remake of the South Korean thriller Blind is basically a cat and mouse game between a blind woman and a dreaded psychopath who is addicted to wild sexual fantasies. 

Netrikann: A lengthy but thrilling outing

Netrikann begins in an interesting manner, where we can see Durga, a CBI officer suffers a car crash and loses her vision. After some months, a blind Durga encounters a bizarre night where she mistakenly enters the car of the main antagonist (Ajmal Ameer). Suspicious about the events, Durga escapes from his hands and informs the about incident to the police department. From then,  Durga with the help of a police inspector and a young man starts hunting the antagonist who is obsessed with wild sexual fantasies. 

Netrikann review
Nayanthara in NetrikannDisney Hotstar

Netrikann cannot be considered as an investigative thriller, as the director exposes the antagonist in the first few minutes of the running time. But what makes the movie worth a watch is the interesting proceedings. The first half is well-paced, but the second half seems a bit lagging, especially after the arrest of the lead antagonist. There is immense violence in the movie, and the director has crafted these scenes with perfection. 

Netrikann: Nayanthara steals the show

The film solely belongs to Nayanthara. The ravishing actress has portrayed the character of Durga with perfection on screen. The way in which she invoked fear and tension was a sheer treat to watch, and she deserves applause for her effort. 

Ajmal Ameer, as the lead antagonist was menacing. But at some point in time, he went over the board with his eccentric mannerisms. All the co-stars also did well. 

The film also has its fair share of flaws. For instance, during a video call, the young man on the other side could have easily taken the screenshot of the antagonist and can show it to the police. Instead, he made use of a sketch artist to draw the picture of the antagonist. Moreover, the climax stunt sequence in the police station where the sub-inspector gets killed was also unbelievable. 

Final Verdict: Netrikann is an intense crime thriller. Nayanthara's solo performance is enough and more to watch this movie.