The week went by and saw Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare engage in a massive verbal fight, that led to Archana getting into a physical spat with Shiv. Moments later Archana was expelled from the house. However, she was back in the house during the weekend ka Vaar episode. The new promo shared by Colors TV shows Salman Khan scolding Shiv Thakare for provoking Archana Gautam trigged her to grab his neck.

Salman khan

In the promo, Salman Khan tells Shiv in Hindi, "What Archana did was wrong but was Shiv right? Shiv very well knows what triggers Archana – uski party ke baare mein, didi ke baare me baat karenge to (talking about her party and didi)." Very good, great plan and cleverly executed," Archana is a part of the Congress Party and refers to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as didi (elder sister).

Clarifying his stance, Shiv said that his intention was to keep Archana's mouth shut, Salman interrupted, "Should I remind you because your memory is becoming very weak). Salman reminded Shiv that any remark against caste, creed, religion or political ideology is prohibited in the Bigg Boss house. He also called out Shiv for deliberately planning to get Archana out of the house by provoking her.

This didn't go down well with Bigg Boss fans and they slammed Salman Khan for being biased against Shiv Thakare.

#ShivThakare trends on Twitter after Archana Gautam returns to Salman Khan's show

A user said, "He said to use when she pokes us unnecessarily it's only way to shut her filthy mouth! That's on her if she can't handle her anger & has lots of unwanted ego, she is "politician" will she strangle people if they don't vote her!"

A user wrote, "We feel you, bro. Just Keep your head high, don't let this biasedness affect you mentally..."

Another one wrote, "First time in the history of #biggboss Physical Violence getting Defended on the Name of PROVOKING."

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Gauahar Khan also expressed displeasure and said that physical violence shouldn't be allowed in the show


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