Tanushree Dutta accused of misusing MeToo movement for publicity
Tanushree Dutta accused of misusing MeToo movement for publicity.Instagram/Twitter

Tanushree Dutta has been in news ever since she made allegations of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar, which initiated a massive #MeToo movement in India. While many supported her in the fight, many others claimed it to be a publicity stunt for planning a comeback in the showbiz.

Although she had denied having any comeback plans, a poster with Tanushree's glamorous picture has been doing the rounds on social media, which is now raising many eyebrows, but the truth is contrary to what many believed.

A poster with Tanushree's earlier sensuous avatar is being shared on social media. It also has written "Tanushree Dutta – for show booking and business enquiry" over it. This poster is making many believe that the former actress has already made a comeback in the showbiz, and her #MeToo initiative was only to gain enough publicity.

Many have been sharing the poster with criticizing words for her and added hashtag #CheaToo. "Just day before, Tanushree categorically told Rajdeep in an interview when he asked if this is all to comeback in Bollywood that "I am in spiritual space and there is now way I am going to ever work in Bollywood... I am too evolved for that". What a shame! #Cheatoo [sic]," one Twitter user with over 23,000 followers on Twitter wrote.

There are many such tweets, ridiculing and lambasting Tanushree on the basis of the poster.

However, the truth is something different. International Business Times India contacted the PR agency mentioned in the poster, and it turned out to be completely different to what many thought.

The PR agency said that the poster is from an old event, which was based on women empowerment. She also said that the event has already happened some time ago, and it has nothing to do with showbiz. "We are basically artist management company and we do PR also. The event was on women empowerment, and Tanushree was there for a speech on the issue," the PR said.

Well, this incident again proves how social media can spread fake news and lies.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant, who earlier called Tanushree a liar and drug-addict, recently made some shocking claims, saying that the former actress is lesbian and she raped her many years ago. Tanushree rubbished the allegations later.