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Streaming giants like Netflix, Apple and other similar companies are reportedly in the initial stage of talks to acquire MGM's content like James Bond series and many more, as per a report.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), an entertainment studio since 1924 apart from James Bond series, has exclusive rights over major titles like Rocky, RoboCop and television series that includes 'The Handmaid's Tale,' which streams on Hulu.

MGM also owns and operates premium network Epix, which appears on major distributor platforms like Comcast, and sells a direct-to-consumer streaming video service.

MGM has held preliminary talks with a number of companies, including Apple and Netflix, to weigh their interest in acquiring content rights, said CNBC in a report.

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Netflix seems likely to buy MGM's assets

The new entrant in the streaming space, Apple, comparatively has less content to offer so a deal with MGM would probably be a good move to consolidate its streaming service considering the fact that it does not have library content to provide to its subscribers, the experts opined.

However, Netflix seems likely to buy MGM's assets than Apple as Netflix is more dependent on third-party content on its service and also many studios are now planning to start their own streaming services for their respective content. So the content war is set to get more competitive in future, the experts added.

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The CNBC's report also pointed out that smaller media companies like AMC Networks, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures, along with MGM, are now left in slightly weaker positions compared with massive media powers like Netflix, Amazon, Comcast, Apple, AT&T and Disney.