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Director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala's Telugu movie Nela Ticket starring Ravi Teja and Malvika Sharma has received negative reviews and average ratings by the audience, who say skip it without regret.

Nela Ticket is an action drama with a good dose of romance, comedy and other commercial elements to woo the mass audience. Kalyan Krishna Kurasala has written script and dialogues for the movie, which is produced by Ram Talluri under the banner SRT Entertainments. The film has been given a U/A certificate and its runtime is 2.46 hours.

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Nela Ticket movie story: The film is about an orphan (Ravi Teja), who is a down to earth person and treats everyone as his family members. He is a medical student and he loves making new relationships. How he fights for the rights of the senior citizens forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Kalyan Krishna Kurasala has chosen an interesting concept for Nela Ticket. It is about how to treat elderly people. The director has made the film an entertaining watch by including the regular masala elements of Ravi Teja's movies. Its comedy and an emotional quotient will strike a chord with the audience.

Performances: As usual, Ravi Teja has delivered a brilliant performance in Nela Ticket and he impresses u in comedy, romance, action and sentimental scenes. Malvika Sharma did a good job and her chemistry with Ravi is good. Brahmanandam, Ali and Prudhvi Raj's comedy is one of the attractions. Jagapathi Babu, Sampath Raj, Ajay, Subbaraju and others have also done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: Nela Ticket has good production values. Shakthi Kanth Karthick's music, Mukesh G's picturisation, Chota K Prasad's editing, punch dialogues and action choreography are the attractions on the technical front, say the audience.

Nela Ticket movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers verdict and ratings for the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience's response.

Yaswanth‏ @YaswanthTweetz

Done with movie ☺️ Entertaining 1st half with as usual RT comedy and bit dragged in 2nd half.But gains momentum in the last B,C centres can easily connect to the movie and RT, the man,taken the film on his hands Ok well !! Bit dissapointed with the film but idhi emi kotha kadu manaki.Enno hits enno flops chusam RT vi...And this time it should be took seriously How long you will make this age old scripts @RaviTeja_offl .Its high time to look into mistakes

KarunaTeja @Karunateja3

#NelaTicket movie good job @kalyankrishna_k sir... @RaviTeja_offl performance really superb awesome @Malvika_Sharma_ very very beautiful @itsRamTalluri Sir good keep it up @shakthikanth BGM @kaumudiofficial performance

Kamlesh Nand‏ @ArtistryBuzz

#NelaTicket average movie bhaiya this is not expected from #RaviTeja sir first time #bharmanandam sir's role is inappropriate not well utilised Dance +sets +music - disappointed They would have made short film taking line -juttu lo Janam madhaya lo manam

aHf‏ @adhyayam

Poor plot with mundane execution made #NelaTicket a horrendous watch. RaviTeja who can pull off even an ordinary film with his energetic and entertaining performance is helpless with weak characterization. Avoid.

Harinaray‏ @harinarayRtF756

#NelaTicket title is not apt,no proper songs ,Didn't expected this from kalyankrishna , promotion was too bad started from just 1 week back,story line chuttu janam madyalo manam was good line but story was not well written direction weak apart from few scenes

Sankalp‏ @IIsankalpII

I'm a huuuuge @RaviTeja_offl fan. Disappointed sir. For the second time in a row. You're one of the most underutilised actors in the industry sir. You can do better than this sir. Your charm and performance is beyond these films sir. #NelaTicket

Dilli S‏ @SdilliRtf

Done with First Half....@kalyankrishna_k Clearly Shows his intention to direct a Mass flick!! As expected Songs but BGM & DOP Logically or Illogically dir Somehow connected d movie wid Interval block.. Watchable first half all depends on the later half #NelaTicket

Akhil Sravan Kumar‏ @sravannerella00

#NelaTicket is a very long and most predictable movie which tests your patience to the core. Though everyone gave their best but this Movie needs serious editing to be called decent. Literally, audience walked out in middle of theater. RaviTeja & Jagapathi Babu is only relief

Mohan...‏ @iamnavamohan

Ravi Teja dialogue delivery is still intact, he can beat up the villains, he can still dance but if you are expecting a good story to be told, I am Afraid you won't find it here.. #NelaTicket This Ravi Teja film is another addition to the long list of senseless action comedy that the actor has come to excel at. Faulty logic, combined with lazy writing has numerous moments that defies not just logic, but is devoid of common sense as well. #NelaTicket A common line one hears about Telugu films 'asalu, story enti? Wish someone in d core team of #NelaTicket had asked that question. If someone had posed that question, had it fallen in sensible ears, we would have been spared of this tiring saga of scenes randomly strung together

Chaitanya Sai Kiran‏ @ChaiOptometrist

#NelaTicket #RaviTeja Routine story with mindless action scenes. Directors lack of imagination and creativity, Needless amount of scenes added into the script which eventually failed to impress the audience. #NelaTicket - 1.5/5.0


Nelaticket honest review: A complete disaster not even worth a watch #NelaTicket completely disappointed. Can't even figure out what the director was thinking while making of film

Janasenani‏ @krishcherry1

First half done Horrible Cheap production values Anthakanna cheap music Scn Rrvc drcr gaadena thesindi Movie #Nelaticket

$π!¥@‏ @shivatweetzz

1st half #NelaTicket.. Last year ee dorakalisindi #RRVC kalyan krishna worst screenplay.. Touch Chesi chudu >> Nelaticket

PSPK JANASENA‏ @Vikaskannaaa

Gud 1st half #NelaTicket Few orphan scenes r gud especially annapurna feeding food to raviteja batch was awesome without a dialogue. @RaviTeja_offl looks&energy After #power mve this was his best look Gud As of now except few bit slow scenes..

AVAD‏ @avadsays

Even @RaviTeja_offl energy and mass power could not save #NelaTicket The film is a total disappointment and makes you wonder how in the world a talent like #kalyankrishna make such a film like this.

Review Star‏ @ReviewStar1

#NelaTicket - 2/5. Mass Masala Flick. Plus Points-Ravi Teja Presence. Minus Points-Direction, ScreenPlay, & Music. Routine Cliched Entertainer & Worst Film in Recent Times! #Mahanati #Rangasthalam #BharatAneNenu #NaaPeruSurya

Ram‏ @ram_gangu

So far very good, very well written and execution #NelaTicket Interval bang fight #Nelaticket Kalyan Krishna First half super hit #NelaTicket

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#NelaTicket --- (1.5/5) Ravi Teja Disappoints Again !!! The movie is so, TERRIBLY made. Poor Routine stuff with Boring Screenplay-Loveless Romantic thread-No comedy content. All in all, the movie will be an another Outright DISASTER for Ravi Teja in 2018. Stay Away !!

RaJiV‏ @RajivAluri

#NelaTicket is a Total Disappointment..Terribly made..Did not expect this kind of stuff from Kalyan Krishna and Ravi Teja..Not recommendable


#NelaTicket is first half super comedy entertainer 2 nd half full family emotions overall cinema full entertaining package #raviteja