Nela Ticket
A gang recorded Nela Ticket film and released it on their websiteTwitter

Mass maharaja Ravi Teja's much-awaited film Nela Ticket was leaked on some torrent sites and the full movie download is likely to take a toll on its collection at the worldwide box office in coming days.

A natorious gang, which is known for its alleged activities on the internet, has apparently recorded the complete movie of Nela Ticket during its screen at a premiere show in a foreign country. The gang leaked the pirated copy of the film for download on its website even before its third show on its opening day ended.

The website of this natorious gang offers six different versions of Nela Ticket with their size raning between 2.4 GB to 200 MB for download. The pirated copy of the movie spread to other websites within no time and several viewers apparently downloaded it. The makers got into action and were successful in taking its pirated copy down, but the natorious gang's website has still managed to have it.

Nela Ticket is an action movie with a good dose of romance, comedy and family sentiments. Written by Kalyan Krishna, the movie is about an orphan, who helps the needy with their problems. He lands in a problem, when he crosses the path of a goon. How he faces the goon forms the crux of the story of the film.

Nela Ticket lacked hype and the makers of the movie did not promote the movie well. Ravi Teja's fans were not happy with it. This resulted in an average advance booking, which created a doubt about its opening. The movie opened to extremely negative reviews from the viewers in the morning shows on May 25.

The audience including Ravi Teja's fans were so upset with Nela Ticket that they could not stop blasting Kalyan Krishna for his routine story and predictable and lengthy screenplay. They advised other viewers to skip the movie without regret. The fans of mass maharaja's kept asking him why he selected this script. They cautioned him on the selection of the script of his next projects.

The negative talk took the toll on the collection of Nela Ticket in the afternoon and evening shows on its opening day. The negative talk might force the audience to download the full movie instead of spending money to watch it in the cinema halls. Hence, its pirated copy is likely to affect its collection at the box office.