Neha Saxena
Neha Saxena

Kannada actress Neha Saxena has sought compensation from the producers of Arjun Sarja's upcoming film, "Warrior", after she met with an accident while on her way to the shooting site in Shimoga on 27 April.

Neha Saxena made her acting debut in Sandalwood with Jayram Karthik aka JK's movie "Just Love". She recently joined hands with Arjun Sarja for "Warrior". On 27 April, she was travelling in a Tempo Traveller, provided by the producer, to the shooting site in Shimoga. But, she met with an accident near Tiptur, reportedly due to the ignorance of the driver who escaped after the incident.

The actress reached the hospital in Tumkur with the help of a passerby and was later shifted to Fortis Hospital in Bangalore. She tried to contact the producer and the director, but they did not respond to her calls for four days. She, then, took to her Facebook page to narrate the whole incident.

On 1 May, Neha Saxena posted a photo featuring her with bandages on her face. Along with the image, she wrote about the incident in detail. Here is the complete message that she posted on Facebook:

"Hello Gm! I was on the way for shoot for my Kannada movie "Warrior ". I refused to travel in night and specially in TT. But producer forced me to travel and director also. Driver was drunk and I was alone in TT. I got scared I called my makeup artist Kamlesh and asked him to send personal assistant to travel with me because I was scared to travel alone with driver. He stopped the vehicle 10 times in one hour to have tea and smoke. And he was sounding very fishy. While driving he slept off and I observed Lowry coming for front and I alerted the driver I was awake when accident happened. Driver jumped out of the TT. TT topelled three times and fell down from the Bridge. I got severe injuries my nose and mouth very heavily bleeding. I was stuck in TT there was no help immediately. I called movie manager Dinesh immediately informed him about the incident and asked producer and director to reach soon. No one came. Till now no one called or messaged or came to see me. When we are calling they are not responding and they are saying they are not responsible for my accident it's not there responsibility. Accident happened on 27th April at 2:20 a.m. I was stuck in TT 3 drunk guys came and tried taking my advantage all alone I had to go thru all that in that unconscious condition. Somehow god sent some angels to save me and I screamed when those three guys touched me and tried snatching my purse and gold chain. I somehow dragged myself to main road and there a angel called Manju recognised me that I am artist Neha Saxena he immediately put me in car tied the belt around me and got me to Tumkur THS hospital Tumkur doctor there have me TT injection and asked us to go to Fortis as they were lacking with facilities and doctors were not available. Morning we reached Fortis immediately my X-rays were taken first aid was given and admission was done. I had to wait for my surgery for 4 hours because hospital staff was hesitated to ask me funds for the surgery as I was not in good condition they were waiting for director and producer or someone from my side to come and speak and settle the amount. I kept looking at the watch time was just passing. But no news was there. I was calling director and producer but no response at all. It's been three days no response from them at all. I told doctor to swipe the amount from my card and so the surgery. I feel so disappointed now because this is how I got treatment Being a part of the industry and being the heroine of the movie. I don't have anyone in my family to take care of my old mom. I don't have dad brother sister or anyone. It's only me and my mother in the family. If I would have died ?? This is the way they would have responded to my mom ??? Tell me. I am scared and disappointed now so much..."