Neha Dhupia recently got into a big controversy wherein the actress was found commenting on 'adultery' and 'violence' showing hypocrisy and fake feminism according to netizens. The actress is witnessing huge criticism since she targeted one of the contestants who came for the roadies audition.

Neha Dhupia is one of the gang leaders on the youth-based show 'Roadies Revolution'. In one of the promos released by the channel, a male contestant stated that he slapped a girl because she was cheating on him during their relationship with five other boys.

Neha Dhupia
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This according to her was not at all acceptable on her opinion as in no capacity he had the right to slap her. She stated that it was the girl's choice to be with five boys at the same time. This comment hasn't really been digested by the trolls and they started trolling Neha miserably for showing fake feminism. Several memes have been generated on social media and she been targetted a lot.

Neha Dhupia has been also called out for apparently showing her "double standards." When she was seen supporting a female contestant who had 3-4 boyfriend after getting caught slapped her boyfriend.

After hearing all the criticism, finally, Neha stood by her statement and said, "What a man or a woman does in a relationship is their choice and moral choices are always ambiguous. But no matter what they are, they cannot lead to physical abuse. I stand by the fact that NO MATTER WHAT ... physical abuse or assault is not acceptable."

She even revealed that her daughter's page is full of abuses which is not acceptable at all. The 39-year-old actress even said that she has been "misrepresented" and decided to break silence on the controversy after being "subjected to weeks of vitriol."

Neha Dhupia
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'No woman, no man should be subjected to violence'

However, Bollywood celebs such as Sonam Kapoor, Richa Chadha, Tahira Kashyap, Angad Bedi, Amrita Arora, Ekta Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Roadies family, and many others came out in support of Neha Dhupia and asked her to 'stay strong.'

"No woman, no man should be subjected to violence. Glad you stood up against the vitriol," said Dia Mirza. 

Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia gets the support of Bollywood celebs and fellow roadies gang leaders too (Source: Twitter)

Richa Chadha commented, "Cowards hit women...If you call them out, their ilk hides behind the anonymity and safety of social media and threatens to hit and assault women. Neha, stay strong."

Ayushmann Khurrana also wrote, 'Discuss, Debate, Don't spread hate."