Neetu Chandra - Randeep Hooda

While she may have done a number of films, we will always remember Neetu for her unconventional role in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Currently busy promoting her new song Ishqa, Neetu would be seen in a sensuous avatar in the song.

In an interview with Spotboye, Neetu revealed several unknown aspects of her life and her career. Neetu disclosed that she was the first choice for the role of Tanu in Tanu Weds Manu and the role played by Sonakshi Sinha in Dabangg. Apart from this, the actress also revealed that she has a house in the US and thus would keep shuttling between the US and Mumbai.

While work keeps her busy, Neetu has reportedly been single after her break-up with Randeep Hooda five years ago. Crediting Randeep for bringing professionalism in her, Neetu told the website that she chose not to talk about the relationship as it involved another person too and also the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable talking about her personal life.

She added that by talking about her personal life, she feels her work wouldn't get the attention it deserves. "But, I would always say that even in my relationship in the past, I have learnt a lot. Also, I have to say this on record that a lot of seriousness for my profession as an actor has come from him. It's been a chapter of my life. I'm thankful and happy also at the same time that I'm out of it and doing other things. But, I have high respect for him and it won't go which is fine," said Neetu.

Further talking about what made them part ways, Neetu said, "We are friends and we have a great equation. Life is too long, you cannot just have fights and not talk to your ex-boyfriend. It's okay, it is life, move on. And we had our own priorities. Like, I had my own priorities. My family really mattered to me and my profession too. I even lost my dad to cancer. He had his own priorities of seeing his career and going ahead and doing his things. So sometimes, two good people cannot work together because they are looking for the same things and there might be clashes."