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After his memoir titled "An Ordinary Life" raised quite a furore, Nawazuddin Siddiqui decided to withdrew the book hardly a week into its release. He also apologised to all those who were hurt by his candid confessions. But, many believe that the damage has already been done, and criticised the actor for presenting a woman in a "disrespectful" manner in the book.

Nawazuddin, who is otherwise known for his simplicity and acting skills, suddenly found himself at the receiving end after the release of the memoir. The actor launched the book on October 25, which made ready headlines for the explicit details of his past relationship with actress Niharika Singh.

Excerpts from the book in which Nawazuddin narrated sexual encounters that he claimed to have had with Niharika made it into the social media, and sparked an ugly controversy. The actress  was quick to slam the actor and stated that her affair with Nawazuddin lasted for just few months and that he lied in his book just to ensure that it is sold like hot cakes.

Nawazuddin's first girlfriend Sunita Rajwar too have come out criticising him for revealing such explicit details about his relationship with Niharika, and also accused him of lying. With such hype and controversy around the book, "An Ordinary Life" became a hit as it was officially released on October 25.

However, Nawazuddin apparently felt guilty about making his private moments with Niharika (if at all that happened) public, and  issued an apology on Twitter. He also announced the withdrawal of the book.

"I m apologising 2 every1 who's sentiments r hurt bcz of d chaos around my memoir #AnOrdinaryLife I hereby regret & decide 2 withdraw my book," he had tweeted. The tweet received strong reaction from his fans. While some expressed support to him and urged him not to withdraw the book, most others slammed Nawazuddin saying that the damage to Niharika's image has already been done.

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Some of his fans expressed disappointment at Nawazuddin's "irresponsible" act, and said that he should not have made such explicit details about his relationship with Niharika public at the first place. However, there are others who opined that Nawazuddin has all the right to talk about his life, but he should not have mentioned the lady's name or should have sought prior permission from her to do that.

Some of them even made abusive comments on the actor. Nonetheless, there are a few who opined that such tell-all books often irk some people, but he should not refrain from telling the truth. Another observation, made by the netizens, is that by withdrawing the book, the actor proved that he lied about his relationship with Niharika.

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