Apollo 17

As NASA is busy celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings, a section of conspiracy theorists has again started claiming that the United States space agency faked the Moon landing. In order to substantiate their views, they have now spotted a TV spotlight in footage taken from the Apollo 17 mission that was carried out in 1972.

In the footage, NASA astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt were seen exploring the lunar surface, and at one point in time, they turned towards the camera. Shockingly, a reflection of a bright orb becomes visible in both their helmets. Even though NASA reveals that it is the sun's reflection which appeared on the helmet, conspiracy theorists claim that it is actually the reflection of a TV spotlight.

"Here is a screenshot from footage that NASA provided for us. Without me even adjusting anything, you can clearly see that The Sun is a spotlight. This is not the real Sun, this is a spotlight in a movie studio. You can clearly see it is a light supported in some type of metal housing around the spotlight. These two are not walking on the Moon, if you have a really keen eye you can see there is even a person standing right there. You can see his legs and a dark jacket, it's almost like he's standing with his hands in his pockets," said an anonymous conspiracy theorist, Daily Star reports.

A few months back, Graham McHardy, a deceased conspiracy theorist known by the YouTube user name 'Streetcap1' had shared some evidence that suggested that the United States has faked Moon landing. In an image captured from the lunar surface during the Apollo 17 mission, a visor worn by one of the astronauts reflected the image of a man standing on the surface of the Moon without wearing a space suit.

Interestingly, the man spotted on the visor had not worn the safety backpack of the astronauts, and it made many people believe that NASA had faked the entire Moon mission from a Hollywood movie set. Even though the image shared by Streetcap1 became viral, NASA did not respond to any of these conspiracy theories.