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NASA scientists claim to have developed a software that would aid drones in the scenario of an emergency crash-landing.

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A spike in the number of drones present in the sky has elevated the danger of accidents and damaging property. This crash-landing software has been created by Patricia Glaab, an aerospace technologist with NASA Langley Research Centre in the US, PTI report.

"During eight test flights, the technology successfully spotted safer landing sites such as swamps or drainage ditches to crash instead of cars or people on the ground, Glaab stated.

According to Fortune, the software links onboard drone components like batteries and motors to monitor their health.

This newly-developed technology helps in detecting mechanical snags that occur on the drone and puts the unmanned aircraft in a crash-landing mode.

When the technology is triggered, it aids the drones by checking a pre-installed database of safe zones which are situated nearby. This helps the drone in piloting itself to the location.

"The software also incorporates technology that lets the drones recognise and avoid objects on the ground using onboard cameras," Glaab stated.